TD Productions helps you promote your ideas and projects through music and sounds, with high quality, creativity and efficiency. 

* musical identity * musical design * musical creation * 

TD Productions offers you a range of services :

– Music for short, medium-length or full-length feature film and advertisement
– Creation of your sound and musical identity (branding, soundtracks, jingle, call waiting music, …)
– Musical grooming of your communications tools (tutorials, teasers, …)
– Musical creation for theater, exhibitions, live performing
– Music for radio spot
– Music for video games
– Audio branding of your website
– Soundtrack for retail spaces and showrooms
– Consultant for audio branding
… And any tailor-made project !

– Some multi-purpose bundles are directly available for download : 


on demand

Email Previews


Page Testing

Interactive Testing

Spam Filter Tests




(399€ htva)

25 tracks

1-2 min / track

4 packs (oiueztoiuze, zetomsdgmoisd, mlizetopizet, midsg

MP3 & WAV Files

Copyright not included

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