OakTree Feat. Michel Massot | Kitchen Mandolin
OakTree Feat. Kristof Hiriart | Gau
OakTree | Magicians
OakTree Feat. Tcha Limberger | Entre les lignes
 Espelhos | Fui a beira do mar
 Espelhos | Sei de um rio
 Espelhos | Tentação da romaria
Espelhos | Entardecer
  Contraccordiano | LaSolLa

  Contraccordiano | Le
  Therain Dille Duo | Elm

  Therain Dille Duo | Dolce Vita
Born of the burning flames of yesteryear, The Summer Rebellion heralds the coming storm with the cavernous voice of David Koczij and thunderous accordion of Arthur Bacon or Thibault Dille. The Summer Rebellion arouses strong emotions with their wild carnival freak song. Step right up and witness the modern day harbingers of the message, the truth and the dirt beneath the fingernails of our everyday saints.
Fabien Degryse Trio | Where do we go?
Fabien Degryse Trio | Ze Mazy-k Place
Filochards | Par le monde
Filochards | Avanti
Saxodéons | Soweto Sorrow
Thierry Hodiamont | Les moments de guitare

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