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  • Fuseau horaire : America/New_York
  • Date : Avr 22 2020
  • Heure : 15:30


The Music Village
Rue des pierres, 50, 1000 Brussels

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Avr 22 2020



ANA & The Duorkestra

A guitarist, an accordionist and a singer. They’ve met many centuries ago and grew up together. They’ve played together. Been on tour together. They have an interest for Jazz, Portuguese music and Brazilian music, but first and foremost, they have their own sound. They frequented the Royal Conservatory, in Brussels, on several occasions and different space and time continuums. One of them is German and Portuguese. Another is Belgian. One of them is good with numbers, the other good with words, the third obsessed with music. Maybe they are all obsessed with music. There is a love for Brasil, where they have all spent some time. They’ve met in Brussels, renowned multi – cultural city with some successful and less successful stories of people come to live there together to embrace the « belgitude « , the languages, the latent conflict of interests, the international atmosphere, to embrace all things known and foreign at the same time, colliding in the city. And then, there was the right moment and opportunity. The three musicians, the singer, the guitarist and the accordionist meet in Brussels and decide that from that moment on, they will be making music, together. It will be good, it will be loud and it will be their own.

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